Exclusive Tours From Green Andaman Travel

Sunai, or simply know as “Nai”, is the owner of Green Andaman Travel and put together some exclusive tours for Green Andaman Travel and has some top recommendations for you. His number one recommendation is a trip to Khao Sok National Park. The Khao Sok Jungle and Lake Exploration trip is a ‘must do’ it includes all activities in Khao Sok, all of which are fascinating and exciting in their own ways.

The jungle is rich with nature and interesting animals and the lake is a relaxing place to spend a night and a beautiful calm place to wake up in. The Local Fishing Trip and Golfing in Khao Lak are two of Sunai’s favourite pastimes, so they have to be included here too. Golfing between the mountains and the Andaman Sea is a must for any golfers visiting the area. Finally Khao Sok Rafting Expedition this tour is one of Green Andaman Travel’s exclusive tours. Only with this tour company will you get the opportunity to have coffee on the river bank made in bamboo and served in a bamboo cup!