Khao Sok National Park At A Glance

Khao Sok tours are Green Andaman Travel’s speciality often reffered to as the best Khao Sok Tours available in the area. We use only the best guides for interesting and informative tours around our treasured National Park.

Khao Sok National Park covers an area of land approximately 739 km² this includes the vast Cheow Lan Lake which is more than 165 km². There are many highly recommended tours to this area either on land, on the lake or a combined tour of the two. If you’re planning one excursion during your trip to Thailand, a tour of Khao Sok is the best decision you can make.




Khao Sok National Park – The South

Khao Sok National Park is approximately 90km from Khao Lak at just over an hour’s drive away it is one of the most beautiful undiscovered tourist destinations in Thailand. Khao Sok is regarded as the remnants of the oldest evergreen rainforest in the world and is home to huge limestone mountains protruding from the earth. Here you will see the stunning scenery of breath-taking lakes, serene rivers, unique vistas, tropical flora and fauna, exciting caves, rare wild animals and much more. If you are keen to explore Thai jungle and nature then you must take a visit to Khao Sok National Park with Green Andaman Travel’s best guides.

Bamboo Rafting with Green Andaman Travel
Rafting through the rainforest in Khao Sok National Park

Suggested adventure trips here include elephant trekking, a stay in a tree house, jungle trekking to see the famous Raffalesia flower when it is in bloom and rafting with Green Andaman Travel’s exclusive trip along the Sok River. There is something for every adventure, nature or animal lover in Khao Sok.

Cheow Lan Lake

Cheow Lan Lake in Khao Sok National Park is the secret gem of Southern Thailand; reportedly more people visit Phang Nga Bay in a week than Cheow Lan Lake in a year, making it an ideal location for people wanting to get away from the crowds.

Cheow Lan Lake is a beautiful body of water of 165sqm set amongst tropical green jungle and dramatic limestone cliffs. The lake was formed in 1982 by a power company who built Ratchapraba dam which flooded a large area of the National Park. The result is what you see today – magical scenery and fascinating wildlife. Cheow Lan Lake is the main attraction of Khao Sok National Park, it is often referred to as the “Gui-lin” of Thailand due to its similarities with the famous Gui-lin in China.

Cheow Lan Lake in Khao Sok National Park
Visit the lake in Khao Sok National Park with Green Andaman Travel

The lake can offer various activities for day trips, overnight stays in a bamboo floating hut or a few days away exploring the jungle, trekking, kayaking, relaxing and even diving the lake; in fact this place is so intriguing that one could easily spend a week here.

As well as visiting and inspecting the stunning limestone facades propping up the lake, this is the best place for wildlife lovers and especially bird watchers. In Cheow Lan Lake there are frequent sightings of eagles, ospreys and hornbills and if you are really lucky you will see gibbons, langures, macaques or even wild elephants! The list of wild mammals inhabiting Khao Sok includes Malayan Tapir, Asian Elephant, Tiger, Sambar Deer, Bear, Guar, Banteng, Serow, Wild Boar, Pig Tailed Macaque, Langur, White handed Gibbon, Squirrel, Muntjak and Mouse Deer.

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