Khao Sok Lake Diving Uncovered

Khao Sok jungle and Cheow Lan Lake are beautiful locations in the National Park; the jungle can be explored on foot, by elephant or bamboo raft and the lake can be seen from the comfort of a longtail boat or from beneath on a scuba dive.

Khao Sok Lake Diving
Discover the unique and intriguing underwater side of Khao Sok Lake

Khao Sok Lake Diving is one of a long list of Khao Sok tours that Green Andaman Travel have to offer. The trip includes the best of Khao Sok jungle and Cheow Larn lake. Khao Sok Lake Diving is a truly stunning and surreal experience.

Unique Khao Sok Adventures

This Khao Sok Lake Diving tour is a 2 day and 1 night excursion. It is a flexible trip and can be tailored to your individual requirements. The standard tour starts from Khao Lak and ventures on to Cheow Lan Lake. Here we meet the longtail boat that will take us through the majestic scenery of Khao Sok Lake, travelling across the water between the towering limestone cliff edges.

Catfish Khao Sok Lake
A typical sight on a Khao Sok Lake Dive

Our first activity is a dive in a remote part of the lake. Under the water you will see the forgotten world of yesteryear. Here lies the land that was once above the water before an electricity company flooded a large area of the National Park to create a power supply for Southern Thailand. This resulted in today’s Cheow Lan Lake. Old trees and limestone caves scatter the underwater world, with catfish and freshwater shrimp hiding behind corners in the dark depths under the water’s surface.

After the unique Khao Sok lake diving experience we head to a raft house for a much needed and delicious Thai lunch. After which is the option of more diving in the lake or time spent on the raft house relaxing and using the kayaks to see more of what the lake has to offer.

Khao Sok Lak
Take time to enjoy the view

The second day is an early start with a sunrise safari. Catch the flora and fauna as it comes to life in the morning. This is the best time of day for nature lovers to spot a gibbon, horn bill or wild buffalo grazing by the waters edge. After breakfast there is time for more diving or kayaking around the lake (dependant on the itinerary of the day before), with jungle trekking and cave exploration on the land in the afternoon.

This tour is a special for Green Andaman Travel, combining the best of the amazing Cheow Lan Lake and the fascinating abundant wildlife of Khao Sok National Park. The diving is led by Khao Lak’s leading dive operators, Thailand Dive and Sail; a trusted and professional team with many years of diving experience.

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