Khao Lak Activities

A Khao Lak tour with Green Andaman Travel covers a wide range of interests. We  have activity based Khao Lak tours. We have cultural Khao Lak tours. We even have sport and hobby related Khao Lak tours as well as adventurous Khao Lak tours.

What’s more Green Andaman Travel even offer Khao Lak tours of varying duration. So if you only have a couple of hours of holiday time to spare, we have a Khao Lak tour for you. Khao Lak is a beautiful place with so much to see. Green Andaman Travel would like to show you a once in a lifetime experience in our home town.

Cultural Khao Lak Tours

Green Andaman Travel can also show you more of Thailand’s history and culture. We have two popular Khao Lak tours aimed at showing you more of the real Thailand.

Get off the beaten track and step back in time on our popular Takua Pa Historical and Cultural Tour. On this tour you will visit a Chinese Shrine and explore the old part of Takua Pa Town. The tour includes a visit to a cake factory and stops at the Nam Kem Cultural Centre and Tsunami Museum.

Another popular Khao Lak tour is our Amazing Three Temple Tour. Phang Nga Province is home to three impressive Buddhist Temples. This tour provides valuable insight into Buddhism in Thailand.

Sports and Hobby Khao Lak Tours

If you would like to continue your Golfing or Fishing hobby in Khao Lak then this is also possible Tab Lamu Golf Course is beautifully located between the Khao Lak Mountains and the Andaman Sea.

Talking of the Andaman Sea, this is where you can travel on a traditional Thai longtail boat to fish for exotic seafood for dinner. Snorkeling just off the coast near Khao Lak is another option here lies some beautiful underwater scenery, not more than 45 minutes away from your hotel. For the more adventurous, there is also the opportunity to White Water rafting on a Khao Lak tour too.