Khao Lak Activities in High Season
Pakarang Beach
Coral in the sand at Pakarang cape

It’s coming to the end of January and it’s the busiest time for Khao Lak activities. The sun is out, the hotels are packed and there’s a holiday buzz throughout the streets both during the day and at night. This is a lovely time in Khao Lak, when people come to experience the beautiful beaches, National Parks, waterfalls and stunning scenery around Phang Nga. I think we can all agree that people are generally in a very good mood whilst on holiday, and we can tell you that this is infectious.

At Green Andaman Travel one of the best parts of our job is being able to share people’s holiday experiences. Going out on trips with people and seeing their faces when they see an elephant or experience Khao Sok Lake is wonderful. It’s also quite funny when we see people take their first mouthful of spicy Thai red curry for lunch in Phang Nga Bay or Takuapa 😉

If you’re in Khao Lak at the moment or if you’re looking around for things to do in the future, here are some of our picks for top Khao Lak activities:

Khao Lak Beach

When choosing a holiday destination the beach is often a top priority; Khao Lak has these aplenty with over 25 kilometres of beautiful golden sandy shores. The beaches in Khao Lak vary from beautiful white sand beaches, such as Ao Thong Beach (or White Sandy Beach as it is more commonly known), to coral strewn beaches, such as Pakarang cape (Pakarang translated into English means coral). Of course the beach at the heart of Khao Lak is also very beautiful with its picturesque mountainsides and tree lined edges, so spending time here is not too bad either 😉

Bang Niang Beach
Bang Niang Beach – not far from Khao Lak Beach

National Parks

One of our favourite Khao Lak activities is visiting Khao Lak Lamru National Park. This is just to the south of Khao Lak up on the mountain and stretching down to the beach. Here you can spend some time walking around in the beautiful and intriguing rainforest, relaxing on the quiet beaches or clambering across the large boulders that form a boundary between jungle and sand. Khao Sok National Park has a lot more to offer, but Khao Lak Lamru National Park is a nice taster to start with.


Elephant trekkking

Phang Nga province has hundreds of pretty waterfalls, on a Sunday you will often see one packed with Thai children cooling off from the hot weather. One that we like to go to is Sai Rung Waterfall. A short walk through the jungle and you will end up here where you can swim, or just sit on the rocks nearby and relax. Our elephant trekking tours also visit the waterfall, so you can let the elephant take you there 🙂 This is a very popular Khao Lak activity.

Takuapa Walking Street Market

OK, so this is not strictly one of our Khao Lak activities, but it is a great thing to do while you are staying here. The Walking Street Markets are only held during high season in Old Town Takuapa. They are set up along the streets in the old town district, in between the interesting Sino Portuguese architecture. These markets are more of a food festival than a market in the western sense of the word. Make sure you head here on an empty stomach as there is a lot of interesting and unusual food to taste.

Takuapa Walking Street Market
Bright colours at Takuapa Walking Street Market


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