Elephants in Thailand

The elephant is the national animal of Thailand. It is an animal deeply embedded in Thai history and tradition. Historically they were used in war and for labour, but these days they are more useful in the tourist industry and it’s probably a lot more fun for them too. A trip to Thailand must include a visit to see these majestic creatures. For an even closer appreciation of these animals.

Elephant Friendly in Khao Lak

Elephant Friendly in Khao Lak is very famous, however, elephant friendly in Khao Lak offer the best views and experiences as these friendly giants take you through the jungle and to waterfalls. Visitors are carried on the back of the elephant, led by a mahout (elephant handler). They are taken through lush green rainforest and rubber plantations. Finally enjoy a traditional Thai meal in authentic tropical surroundings. People of all ages will enjoy this trip.

If you’re short on time, why not try our 2 hour Elephant Friendly trip?

Elephant Friendly and Bathing Khao Lak

On this elephant friendly and bathing tour in Khao Lak you will get the chance to get even closer to the elephants. You can spend time playing in the water together with them and swimming in the river. This is a lovely elephant friendly and bathing tour

After this you can reward the elephants with bananas and follow them to the river. When you get to the water there is the opportunity to swim with them and on them. The elephants love this activity, it is refreshing and fun. After this excitement you will visit a waterfall near Khao Lak and can relax with cool refreshments.

Elephant Friendly – Two Hours

There are many different options for elephant friendly from Khao Lak. This is a short version of our elephant friendly tour for those who wish to cram everything. First of all we take you to the Elephant camp where you will be meeting your personal elephant guide for the next 45 minutes. After your experience of elephant friendly, you will be able to reward the beautiful gentle giant with bananas. Next we make a quick stop at a nearby waterfall and then it’s back to your hotel where you can check another Khao Lak “must-see” off your to-do list.