Green Andaman Travel and Nai

khao lak tour company owner
Khun Sunai or simply Nai

Green Andaman Travel was established in 2009 by Sunai (Nai) Leesakul, a local to Khao Lak. Nai is a tour guide with 15 years experience in this area of Thailand. He is a very skilled tour guide and has a wealth of knowledge about the area, Thai culture and traditions and suggestions for things to see and do in Southern Thailand. Making Green Andaman Travel a unique Khao Lak Tour Company.

Nai set up Green Andaman Travel with the determination to create a Khao Lak tour company providing informative and personal Khao Lak and Khao Sok tours to small groups of people. The tour company’s objective is to show visitors to the area the real Thailand, to not over-crowd buses and to make their experience as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. So sit back and let Green Andaman Travel look after you!

Nai is also an excellent fisherman and golfer, in his spare time you might find him out at sea or on Thab Lamu Golf Course near Khao Lak. Nai’s first love, however, is music. In the evenings he can often be found in Lazy House Bar opposite the Tsunami Memorial rocking out on his guitar.


Aomjai –  General Manager

Aomjai has been with Green Andaman Travel from the very beginning. She worked for an exceptional guide and customers always leave with a warm
feeling about their experience on a tour with her. Her local knowledge is extensive and she is a very diligent worker for the guests and because she enjoys her work.
Aom’s background is in all areas of tourism and as an activities manager working for some of the best 5 star hotels in the area.
Now she is our general manger for Green Andaman Travel but you will often see her with quests who request her to be their tour guide.

Joy – In House Accountant

Hareuthai Kaewtumthong, or ‘Joy’ as we know her, is from the Northeast of Thailand. She has many years experience working in cosmetic sales and running her own business in Bangkok.

After the 2004 tsunami she moved to Khao Lak to work at a guesthouse as a cashier for 3 years, before switching careers for a few years working in retail. Finally she decided to work with a Khao Lak tour company and chose to work with the Green Andaman Travel team as an in house accountant.

Joy is very funny and is always making the office crease with laughter she is a great addition to the team.

Miss Uraiporn Raksa (Nueng)- Operations Assistant

34 years old a woman from North East of Thailand. Now she works with Green Andaman Travel. From the past her experienced with local government at Tambon Administrative Office for 2 years.

She worked with many document to support the communities so her life is a bit boring until she join with Green Andaman Travel in some project. Then her mind is changing, this is a reason why she move to work with us. At Green Andaman Travel she work hard and feel like her job never stops to development because she have to contact with many persons and learn a lot to solve problems to make her target is smooth and well done.
Travel and service mind must go together. Then she said she became a more friendly person than before because she talk with humans so it better to be good and help quests to make their holidays is perfect more than they can imagine.
Every day with her schedule job to do are contact with people, follow tour program setting and respond for transfer booking she tried sometime but she said to herself I can do it. Although not so much people can see her face only talked with her by phone but, she still can smile when she think she also can make people smile and happy.

Tony – Marketing & Events Assistant

Mr Piriya also known as Tony

His home town is from Pattaya province, Thailand, known well among tourist with beaches, hotels and tourist attractions. According to his individual

life style that he loves to meet and share with people around the world so he put himself to work in tour agency in Pattaya and Bangkok. He found this is a lovely job but needs many skills to work and learn how to balance his life style and work together at the same time. He said he can do it and was happy with this until in 2016 he looked for new challenges then he move to work in Khao Lak, Phang Nga Province the south of Thailand.
At Green Andaman Travel Toni works on Marketing and event Exclusive, so he is the one who can manage, communicate and design any trip to make our trips the best provided for our quests.
He is the new generation mixed with modern life style and his long time experience with international tour agency. So you can trust him when he recommends something to make your holidays the best for you. He joins on the trips any trip that he can to make our quests will be happy and enjoy.
Now he meet various people and contact with many groups every day is still fine and, he can smile with his life, work and stay in the nice place Khao Lak, the warm land and lovely locals.

Miss Piyathida Hangsawat (Peekee)

A lady 27 years old from Surin Province, North East of Thailand. First meet us with smiley face and friendly personality Piyathida told us about her story before she came to work with Green Aandaman Travel. She loved to travel around Thailand but when she has opportunity to visit Khao Lak she fall in love here with many reasons. The beauty locations and quiet made her feeling well like her life is slower but happier. She graduate of Bachelor of Public Administration but she very like to travel then how to balance with her skills she looked for some job that she can work and happy with it.
First started with driver until she leant more about services people. Then she move to work in reservation unit of Green Andaman Travel. This position needs a person who is very friendly, service mind and, responds to solve problem to make Green Andaman Travel services are smooth and customers feel happy with our services.
Over 2 years experienced with Green Andaman Travel she still continue and keep go on. Khao Lak is a great area and complete with lovely locals her life is fill by what she work and who she meet so she want all visitors will feel this like her. Welcome to Khao Lak anytime and Green Andaman Travel will support her. Wish you were here and join us.



Bill – Tour Guide

Khao Lak Tour Guide
Bill – Tour Guide

Bill has worked in various fields of career in Bangkok for more than 10 years, then realised that sitting in an office was not his thing as adventures are his passion. So he moved to Phang Nga area 4 years ago in order to seek a new path. He worked for many charity organisations that support Phang Nga children who suffered from 2004 Tsunami as an English speaking volunteer coordinator. As a part of this job, he gained many experiences in dealing with westerners in terms of culture and language. He met Sunai, the owner and the founder of Green Andaman Travel, and accepted a new challenge to join Green Andaman Travel since July 2013. In his free time Bill loves to be outdoors trekking, bicycling, and camping. He also enjoys talking to people and exchange ideas and culture.


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