Elephants in Thailand The elephant is the national animal of Thailand. It is an animal deeply embedded in Thai history and tradition. Historically they were used in war and for labour, but these days they are more useful in the tourist industry and it’s probably a lot more fun for them too. A trip to

A Khao Lak tour with Green Andaman Travel covers a wide range of interests. We  have activity based Khao Lak tours. We have cultural Khao Lak tours. We even have sport and hobby related Khao Lak tours as well as adventurous Khao Lak tours. What’s more Green Andaman Travel even offer Khao Lak tours of

Elephant Friendly from Khao Lak There are many different options for Elephant Friendly from Khao Lak. This is a short version of our Elephant Friendly tour for those who wish to cram everything in and spend as much time on the beach in Khao Lak as possible! First of all we take you to the Elephant camp where