Green Andaman Travel specialise in Khao Lak Tours, Khao Sok Tours and Phang Nga Tours and proud to be known as one of the best tour

companies in Khao Lak. The tour company’s objective is to show visitors to the area the real Thailand and to make their experience

as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. We concentrate on the areas where we are most knowledgable. Namely our Khao Lak tours

Khao Sok tours and tours in our surrounding province, Phang Nga.


Another Khao Sok tour that we recommend is with Thailand Kayak. This is an exclusive trip using professional Kayaks on Cheow Lan Lake, taking you even closer to nature and Khao Sok National Park. For bookings and enquiries about this trip please contact us.

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Premium Tour Company in Khao Lak  Looking for the best Khao Lak tours and Khao Sok tours?

We are a local Khao Lak company with the best local knowledge.

Our guides grew up around Khao Lak and know the area like no other. Let Green Andaman Travel show you what makes Khao Lak so special.

Green Andaman Travel was established by Sunai (Nai) Leesakul, Nai set up Green Andaman Travel with the determination to create a Khao Lak tour

company providing informative and personal Khao Lak and Khao Sok tours to small groups of people. Nai is a tour guide with 15 years experience in this area of Thailand.

He is a very skilled tour guide and has a wealth of knowledge about the area, Thai culture and traditions and suggestions for things to see and do in Southern Thailand.


When wondering what to do in Thailand, Green Andaman Travel has plenty of suggestions! Firstly, make sure Khao Lak is your destination. Khao Lak is the best place to base yourself on your Thailand trip from here you can experience all aspects of what this great country has to offer, including cultural Khao Lak tours, nature and adventure Khao Lak tours. In the province of Phang Nga you will find everything from untouched jungle and stunning Limestone Mountains to fascinating ethnic groups who live in villages on stilts and stunning Buddhist art and Temples. Not to mention that you will find some of Thailand’s most beautiful accommodation and hotels in Khao Lak.

Khao Lak Transportation


Khao Lak Transportation from Green Andaman Travel

For your comfort and convenience, Green Andaman Travel is also pleased to arrange Khao Lak transportation during your vacation. We staff professional, courteous drivers and provide both air-conditioned cars and mini-buses. Green Andaman Travel transportation is always on time, we understand the importance of being punctual for flights and know that you would like to make the most of your holiday. Green Andaman Travel has many year’s of experience providing transportation for individuals, large groups and for tour parties exploring Khao Lak and Phang Nga.

Whether you would like to explore other areas of southern Thailand during your vacation, need airport transfers or are just moving on to another locations,     we are able to provide transportation to many destinations.

Airport Transfers

– Phuket International Airport       – Surrathani Airport       – Krabi Airport       – Ranong Airport

Local and Regional Transfers

– Phang Nga     – Takuapa

 – Phuket        – Krabi

– Bangkok          – Suratthani

Visa Runs

– Ranong       – Penang

We can also arrange Khao Lak transportation to anywhere in Thailand upon request. Our priority is your comfort and safety. Our vehicles are well-maintained and fully insured and our drivers are all trained to be of an excellent standard for Green Andaman Transportation. Should you desire to be more independent, we can also arrange car rental at very reasonable rates, including full insurance.

Phang Nga Unearthed

Green Andaman Travel would be honoured to help you plan your holiday excursions, whether it is a jungle adventure, a snorkelling trip, a glimpse into daily Thai life, a temple tour or a cultural history tour of Takuapa. There are even Kids activities in the area, for example elephant trekking, nature walks on our Khao Sok tours and snorkelling in the Similan Islands.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any queries regarding tours, or if you just want to ask “where is Khao Lak?” we will assist you as best we can and help to make your time in Khao Lak the best it can possibly be!

Please take a look at our tour pages to find the right trips for you. We are very flexible and are happy to adapt tour itineraries where ever possible so that you can get the most out of your trip to Thailand.


Exclusive Tours From Green Andaman Travel

Sunai, or simply know as “Nai”, is the owner of Green Andaman Travel and put together some exclusive tours for Green Andaman Travel and has some top recommendations for you. His number one recommendation is a trip to Khao Sok National Park. The Khao Sok Jungle and Lake Exploration trip is a ‘must do’  it includes all activities in Khao Sok, all of which are fascinating and exciting in their own ways. The jungle is rich with nature and interesting animals and the lake is a relaxing place to spend a night and a beautiful calm place to wake up in. The Local Fishing Trip and Golfing in Khao Lak are two of Sunai’s favourite pastimes, so they have to be included here too. Golfing between the mountains and the Andaman Sea is a must for any golfers visiting the area. Finally Khao Sok Rafting Expedition this tour is one of Green Andaman Travel’s exclusive tours. Only with this tour company will you get the opportunity to have coffee on the river bank made in bamboo and served in a bamboo cup!

Khao Sok Tour 3 days and 2 nights

This Khao Sok Jungle and Lake Exploration tour is specially designed for the nature-lover and those looking for the best adventures. Green Andaman Travel offers this combined adventure tour. It includes all the best activities of our Khao Sok Jungle Expedition and the Lake Expedition trips. Guests stay overnight at both the Tree House and Floating House. This means that they get to experience the atmosphere of the jungle during the day and at night, in the contrasting settings of tropical rainforest and the calm still nature infused lake.

Khao Sok Jungle and Lake Exploration At A Glance

The first day is spent trekking on foot and with an elephant. Explore what the land has to offer in Khao Sok National Park and relax in the evening at the tree house accommodation. The second day of the Khao Sok Jungle and Lake Exploration tour is water based. The morning is spent rafting down the Sok River and the is explored in the afternoon. The third day is spent with more trekking and an expedition into a cave on the lake.

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Sunai’s Special Khao Lak Fishing Tour

Sunai's Special Local Khao Lak Fishing Trip

Sunai’s Special Fishing Trip

This is Sunai’s Special Khao Lak Fishing trip. It is the first tour that he started and was born out of his love for fishing close to home.

The Andaman Sea is a great place for fishing; not only is it a stunning location, but it is also full of the most sought after and exciting fish and sea life around. On this local fishing tour you will get the chance to catch some tropical fish that you won’t find back in your home county. You can even take it back to your resort or favourite restaurant and ask them to cook it for you!

Catches often include King Mackerel, Barracuda, Snapper, Grouper or Dorado.

Fish in foreign waters,
catch your favourite seafood dinner!

Green Andaman Travel uses the best local fishermen for our trips. The managing director of the company might even be your guide; he has 30 years of experience fishing in these seas and is a keen fisherman in his spare time when he is not organising tours and scouting out new and exciting locations for the company.

Khao Lak Fishing Trip with Green Andaman Travel

Catch of the Day with Green Andaman Travel’s Sunai Special Fishing Trip

On this trip we take a longtail boat out into the Andaman Sea from Khao Lak Beach. Here you can try your luck at catching some exciting fish.

Firstly we journey out to sea, trolling for fish along the way. When we find a good fishing spot we spend some time bottom fishing, as this is where you will have the best results. You will be accompanied by an English-speaking guide and an experienced, professional captain. Included: life insurance, fishing equipment, bait, soft drinks, lunch and fruit, as well as all transportation.

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If you are visiting Khao Lak and are looking for a good golf course, we recommend a day’s golfing at Thap Lamu golf course. Golfing here is a very unique experience in this tropical country. Golfers travel from far away to play on this course due to its beautiful location in Khao Lak next to the Andaman Sea and surrounded by the Khao Lak Mountains. This Khao Lak golf course is considered to be one of the most beautiful courses in all of Thailand.

Thap Lamu Golf Course near Khao Lak

Spending a day on the stunning Khao Lak Golf Course

The 18-hole, par 72 course consists of 7,160 metres spread across 5 fairways and was established in 2001. It is maintained by the Thai Navy so is always immaculate and kept to the highest standards.

The golf course is open daily from 6:30 to 18:00 Green Andaman Travel would be pleased to arrange tee-off times and any special requests for our guests during their time in Khao Lak.

Khao Lak Golf Course by the Beach

Thap Lamu Navy Golf Course, Khao Lak, is a full 18 hole golf course with an equipped clubhouse serving refreshments and meals. The clubhouse also has a small shop for purchasing any last minute golfing equipment you might need and it rents out golf clubs and golf shoes too. Caddies are available – you will probably want one in this heat! There are refreshment stands through the golf course ready to serve you a cold water or beer.

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Explore the Jungle by Elephant and Raft

If you are looking for travel adventures and want to see some of Thailand’s tropical rainforests then jump aboard this trip with Green Andaman Travel. Explore the beauty of Khao Sok National Park with an amazing Elephant Trekking experience through the undergrowth, examining the Flora and Fauna around you as you go.

Popular Khao Sok Tour - Khao Sok Raft Expedition

Popular Khao Sok Tour – Khao Sok Raft Expedition

Next up is a relaxing rafting journey along the Sok River. Our guides gently glide the bamboorafts downstream to a back drop of dramatic limestone mountains and the serene sounds of the jungle.  This tour is unique to the area as we take the time to stop at the river bank for trekking and cave exploration. The most interesting part of the Khao Sok rafting tour is the coffee break on the bank of the river. We serve the coffee made in a bamboo stick and served in bamboo cups which you can take home with you.  The tour also includes a Thai style lunch at the local restaurant next to the river.

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