Take a Trip to Takuapa Walking Street Market

Takuapa Walking street market

Takuapa Walking Street Market is one of my favourite places to go in high season, I mentioned it briefly in a past blog. This fascinating southern town is abuzz with activity as both locals and tourists flock to these old streets from miles around. If you’re looking for alternative Khao Lak activities then this is a great day out for everyone.

As the name suggests, the walking street market is situated in Takuapa, however, not Takuapa as most tourists to this part of Thailand know it, but the old town Takuapa. Yan Yow is what is commonly, and incorrectly, referred to as Takuapa. This is where the main hub of this little city is now situated.

Takuapa old town coffee shop


Takuapa History

Takuapa, once named Takola, is a district capital steeped in history, with stories of a Hindu temple located here as far back as 8thC AD. It was once an important port town as it was a main trading point between the south Indian Tamil to the north west and the Malay kingdom to the south. The real riches were brought to the town when it was discovered that there was abundant tin ore to be found in and around the area. Takuapa boomed due to this discovery and it became a very wealthy part of the country.

Tin was still being dredged up until a few years ago, however, there are still signs of the vast amounts of money this industry brought into the area and tin dredging equipment can be seen lying around in some places even today.

Thai Food and Culture Explored

Back to the walking street market…

The best time to get to the market is around 4pm; this is when it is in full swing. Some bands may be busking on the main street and at one end there is often a local school’s performance. The children will be dressed up in traditional Thai costumes and will sing and dance on stage for the passing audience.

Thai dancing at takuapa market

In the middle of the main street is a display of the ancient method of hulling rice. The apparatus consists of a large wicker basket sat atop a wider wicker bowl. An old lady will usually be operating the machine pulling the wooden lever so that the rice from the main basket is pressed. This separates the chaff from the grains and only the rice will drop down into the wider bowl at the bottom. Thus, the rice is now ready for cleaning, cooking and then eating.

A lady sorts out the rice in Takuapa market

Other demonstrations and old traditional Thai foods will also be on offer for both the interest of Thai people and visiting foreigners. Food seems to be the focus of the market as the street is lined with table after table of traditional, and not so traditional, kanom (snack).

Three local ladies


A Unique Khao Lak Day Trip

The market is only open on Sunday afternoons during high season, so make sure you don’t miss it! You can either get a songteaw into Yan Yow and then take a local taxi from there, or take a taxi from Khao Lak there and back. Another suggestion would be to make a day of it. Go elephant trekking in the morning, then visit the stunning little amazon and finally visit the walking street market in the afternoon – a lovely day of Thai culture, activities and nature.

Green Andaman Travel would be happy to help, advise and organise a trip to Takuapa Walking street market for you, and can even combine it with our Khao Sok trips if you take one of these on a Sunday too.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or if you would like to know more about the walking street market.


Elephant trekking is one of our most popular Khao Lak Tours

Elephant trekking is one of our most popular Khao Lak Tours

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Visiting amazing temples on our Khao Lak Tours

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More from company founder Sunai on YouTube

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Pakarang Beach

Coral in the sand at Pakarang cape

It’s coming to the end of January and it’s the busiest time for Khao Lak activities. The sun is out, the hotels are packed and there’s a holiday buzz throughout the streets both during the day and at night. This is a lovely time in Khao Lak, when people come to experience the beautiful beaches, National Parks, waterfalls and stunning scenery around Phang Nga. I think we can all agree that people are generally in a very good mood whilst on holiday, and we can tell you that this is infectious. (เพิ่มเติม…)

Water buffalo in the wild

Water buffalo in the wild

In November we went on a special Khao Sok tour for four days and three nights. It was with a group of three biologists from Germany and our good friend Santo was the guide. This trip was tailor made as the guests were particularly keen on seeing as much nature as possible – and that they did! Among the animals that they saw were wild pigs, eagles, hornbills, dozens of guar (wild bison,Bos gaurus), langurs, king fishers, snakes and they even got to see a barking deer. In fact this was trip was the first in a long time that guests have been lucky enough to see so much wildlife out and about. The sightings of all those Guars were especially noteworthy and exciting. As far as Khao Sok Activities go, this was turning out to be one of the best.  (เพิ่มเติม…)

Nai and Madde out fishing from Khao Lak

Nai and Madde on the Andaman Sea

High Season has officially started; the office is busy and we’re out every day collecting people from the airport bringing them to Khao Lak or taking guests out on new tours. Last week we visited Phang Nga Bay and went fishing, amongst other Khao Lak activities. We also had our good friend Madde visiting from Sweden. This was her second time with us and we went on many tours in Khao Lak and around the area together, including elephant trekking and fishing. (เพิ่มเติม…)

Have you ever been to Khao Sok? If not and you are visiting Khao Lak, then we strongly suggest making a trip there. Khao Sok is one of the most beautiful places in Southern Thailand – the rainforest is reportedly older than the Amazon. That’s pretty impressive, isn’t it? (เพิ่มเติม…)

The new Khao Lak season for 2012-2013 is fast approaching. In just 2 weeks the Similan Islands will open and the High Season will officially start. Green Andaman Travel is in full swing making arrangements and completing bookings – not that there was any sign of a Low Season (Low Season, what does that mean? It certainly didn’t seem very low to us). We have been busy adjusting tours, making new friends and working on our information network. It’s not only Green Andaman Travel that has been making changes though, Khao Lak (Bang Niang) is even getting a new walkway! Though when that will be completed, we’re not sure 😉 (เพิ่มเติม…)

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