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Premium Tour Company in Khao Lak

Looking for the best Khao Lak tours and Khao Sok tours?

We are a local Khao Lak company with the best local knowledge.

Our guides grew up around Khao Lak and know the area like no other. Let Green Andaman Travel show you what makes Khao Lak so special.

Have a look at our  Tours Here : Khao Sok Tours and Khao Lak Tours

Khao Lak Tours and Khao Sok Tours Specialists

Green Andaman Travel specialise in land and sea tours, we are proud to be known as one of the best tour companies in Khao Lak. We concentrate on the areas where we are most knowledgable. Namely our Khao Lak tours, Khao Sok tours and tours in our surrounding province, Phang Nga.

Our company philosophy is to create friendly and informative tours; we do not overcrowd tour buses and keep groups small and personal so that you can get the best out of your trip to Thailand.

Our Khao Sok tours and Phang Nga tours are Green Andaman Travel’s special areas of expertise and this season we are excited to introduce tours to the Similan Islands too. We have over 15 years’ experience in the tourism industry in Khao Lak and use the most knowledgeable and friendly guides to make your Thailand trip unforgettable.


Make the most of your time, our Khao Lak tours

When wondering what to do in Thailand, Green Andaman Travel has plenty of suggestions! Firstly, make sure Khao Lak is your destination. Khao Lak is the best place to base yourself on your Thailand trip; from here you can experience all aspects of what this great country has to offer, including cultural Khao Lak tours, nature and adventure Khao Lak tours. In the province of Phang Nga you will find everything from untouched jungle and stunning Limestone Mountains to fascinating ethnic groups who live in villages on stilts and stunning Buddhist art and Temples. Not to mention that you will find some of Thailand’s most beautiful accommodation and hotels in Khao Lak.


Phang Nga Unearthed

Green Andaman Travel would be honoured to help you plan your holiday excursions, whether it is a jungle adventure, a snorkelling trip, a glimpse into daily Thai life, a temple tour or a cultural history tour of Takuapa. There are even Kids activities in the area, for example elephant trekking, nature walks on our Khao Sok tours and snorkelling in the Similan Islands.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any queries regarding tours, or if you just want to ask “where is Khao Lak?” we will assist you as best we can and help to make your time in Khao Lak the best it can possibly be!

Please take a look at our tour pages to find the right trips for you. We are very flexible and are happy to adapt tour itineraries where ever possible so that you can get the most out of your trip to Thailand.

Phang Nga is home to some beautiful waterfalls

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Khao Lak Tours

Khao Lak Tours with Green Andaman Travel

A Khao Lak tour with Green Andaman Travel covers a wide range of interests. We have activity based Khao Lak tours. We have cultural Khao Lak tours. We even have sport and hobby related Khao Lak tours as well as adventurous Khao Lak tours.


Sunai's Specials

Sunai's Exclusive Tours with Green Andaman Travel

The Local Fishing Trip and Golfing in Khao Lak are two of Sunai’s favourite pastimes, so they have to be included here too. Golfing between the mountains and the Andaman Sea is a must for any golfers visiting the area.


Green Andaman Travel Reviews

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